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Governor Doyle Tours Milwaukee Time Warner Cable Facilities


Time Warner Cable announced the hiring of 125 new employees to do sales and marketing.


Vince Adams, a Milwaukee native who sold real estate in Las Vegas for the last several years, recently returned to the city and applied for the job.


"After I found out the types of jobs that were available, I said to myself: 'Once I prove myself and work, over the course of time, I can move up the ladder here,'" said Adams.


Governor Jim Doyle toured the new Time Warner facilities Wednesday and said it will take some more time for the economy to come back from the depths it's been in.


"The news that's coming in isn't as bad as what was happening all over the country in March and April and May," Doyle said, "And I think you see in some of the markets and so on, there's some sense for some optimism."


Wisconsin companies like Johnson Controls and Oshkosh Truck recently won huge government contracts, and they also will be hiring several hundred new employees.


A local business expert was discussing the positive trends with a builder, a Realtor, and an investment adviser.


"They're starting to get a sense that we're all kind of climbing out of the foxhole looking around and saying, 'Is it safe to come out yet? I think it is. I think it is,'" said BizTimes Milwaukee's Steve Jagler. "So we're seeing reasons for hope again."


Experts said to remember that jobs are usually the last thing to rebound after a recession.


Wisconsin's latest unemployment numbers come out next week.


Another positive sign is that BizTimes' index, which tracks the stock value of local companies, is nearly double its 52-week low.


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